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Marvel The Avengers Graphic Logo Front with Rubber Silencer Double Dog Tag Pendant Necklace

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Marvel The Avengers Graphic Logo Front Stainless Steel with Rubber Silencer Double Dog Tag Pendant Necklace.

Dimension: 2 1/8" (L) x 1 1/4" (W) x 1/8" (H). Chain Length: 22 inch

Material: Stainless Steel

Earth’s mightiest heroes, a team of superpowered individuals ready to protect the universe from devastation. The Avengers assemble to stop enemy forces again and again throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their first fight as a team during the Battle of New York was the beginning of a heroic journey to come.

The fate of the planet was at stake, but the Avengers could not fail. Six heroes versus an alien army seemed like an impossible victory, but their teamwork brought enough power to fight back. Each hero has their own strengths to take out enemies with close combat, weaponry, and brute force. Putting these strengths together can create an unstoppable team that will save the world.

Memories of the Avengers’ first battle can be kept even closer with a dog tag in their image. The rubber edges around the steel design can protect from any damage, just as the heroes would with their powers. With one side picturing the heroes and the other with the Avengers logo, it’s a prime example of the Avengers as they first began. A team of heroes uniting together to save the day, no matter how strong the enemies may be.

Feature: ©Marvel