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May is National Pet Month in the USA!

Honoring our Furry Friends in Reality and in Jewelry Formats!pet jewelry

Humans have been domesticating animals for millenia, with some sources saying we’ve been doing so for at least 10,000 years. It’s thought that goats, sheep, and chickens were some of the first domesticated animals, all of which could be used for meat, and respectively for milk, wool, and eggs. Domestication was basically a way to make sure the animals were handy without having to go hunting or gathering. While one can argue that a domestic animal might have fewer hardships and more protection from predators than wild ones, these relationships were clearly the idea of humans, for the benefit of humans, based on we could use those animals.

Dogs and cats, the animals that were to become our most popular pets, have a more complicated story that may go back over 30,000 years. It’s often thought that these animals and humans came together for mutual benefit. Dogs and humans hunted better together, with dogs (or, in the earliest days, wolves) benefitting from human shelter and humans from having dogs guarding those shelters. At some point, it became clear that humans were actively guiding, if not controlling, dog breeding tens of thousands of years ago. Cats preyed on vermin attracted to human settlements and in turn, kept pest populations to a minimum, although fully domestic cats seem to be a relatively more recent thing, being “only” 8000 years old. As humanity as a whole moved from daily survival to culture and comfort, human breeding efforts led to the versions of animals we know today, often taken in as part of our families, with newer breeds often becoming smaller, fuzzier, and cuter. Instead of having protection from predators and vermin, many of our pets exist for companionship.

Here at Jewelrybrands, we do bring some of our pets to the office every now and then (and what joyous occasions those are!) but for the most part, the animals we see are in jewelry form!

To honor the most time-honored pet, as well as the popular game, we have several products with Monopoly Dogs AND cats (...and, for that matter, ducks, which some people have as pets, and penguins!)

Monopoly Scotty Dog cufflinks

If you’re looking for some pet themed class to accent your top hat and tails, why not get a pair of our Monopoly Scotty Dog cufflinks? If you like earrings we can also provide the dog in earring form, in a set with the iconic hat and car pieces or the newer batch of cat, duck, and penguin. Of course, feel free to get both sets and mix and match!

If you want a dog that’s a little more, um, lively, we also have a couple items featuring Spunky from Rocko’s Modern Life


Spunky can either nibble on your ears with one pair, or make a goofy face along with his companion, the eponymous Rocko! (Just remember that Rocko is not a dog himself, but a wallaby…a wallaby. It makes sense for a marsupial to have a dog, why not?)

If you are a fan of dogs conceptually, but maybe not looking to wear an animal? Why not a dog tag? (Yes, we know this is a bit of a reach.)

Want a necklace set of the adorable pet from Captain Marvel? Well, we have this for you! Just remember, it’s not a cat, it’s a FLERKEN! (Please keep away from Nick Fury!)

Being big on Star Wars, we also have items for Han Solo and Chewbacca. Here’s the thing though, some people think Chewbacca is the pet- he’s furry and growls and all, and Chewbacca is partially based on George Lucas’ dog, Indiana (and if you didn’t know, you can guess that he was also the namesake of Harrison Ford’s other character, Indiana Jones.) Then again,  if you consider who has the longer lifespan, who seems more emotionally mature, and such, maybe Han is Chewbacca’s pet?

Last but not least, well, maybe these two aren’t technically pets, but they’re beloved animal companions from Avatar: the Last Airbender:

avatar jewelry

Momo the flying lemur, who may or may not be the reincarnation of Aang’s mentor,Monk Gyatso is available in keychain, pin, and necklace form. Appa, the Sky Bison is sort of a combination of a Bison (Which was it, a buffalo or a bison…I’m not sure what the difference is, but that’s not really the point, is it?) a Manatee, and the Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro. Appa is also available in keychain, pin, and necklace form. We also have two different sets of earrings with both Momo and Appa, each with Aang’s face as well. Choose between this set with Aang in the Avatar state and Tui and La: The Ocean and Moon Spirits…or this set with goofy Aang and an extra goofy Appa!

 In any case, these two are adorable enough that we have a whole selection of jewelry items featuring them!

So, if you have pets or just like the concept of them, happy National Pet Month!


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