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DC Comics + Jewelry Brands = Cool Swag for You!

The entertainment powerhouse and Warner Brothers subsidiary known as DC started as Nation Allied Publications, which produced New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine in 1935, with the first DC Comics character being Doctor Occult. In 1937, Detective Comics #1 was published, hence DC being the name henceforth. The next year, Action Comics #1 introduced the world to Superman, the first comic book superhero as we understand him.

Decades later, Doctor Occult seems MIA, “Detective” is usually used as a title for Batman, and DC is known for a plethora of heroes and villains of various levels of fame and infamy: Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern...well heck, Justice League as a whole. Superman has gone from a character to a pop culture symbol, and Batman has a reboot every few years. Even villains such as The Joker are so popular, two actors have won Oscars playing him (so far!) Of course, we can’t forget everyone’s favorite villain-hero-antihero-unreliable narrator Harley Quinn!

Our officially licensed products range from fun accessories for kids, to top quality gear for cosplay, a wide assortment of pins to show off your fan loyalty, and nuanced necklaces, rings, and keychains for those of us who want to show our fandom in more *ahem* subtle ways, or at least until you raise your hand high wearing a Green Lantern adjustable ring and pretend that his powers are yours!
With so much rich history of DC Comics, we continue to put out jewelry and pins to honor the images and logos of the classic metahumans, as well as release new merch to celebrate new releases.

Jewelry Brands’ goal is to create cool, affordable jewelry and accessories for fans, as well as to make it easy for fans’ loved ones to figure out what gifts to get. We don’t just make items with DC imagery, we’re officially licensed by DC, which means everything is legal, acknowledged, and approved of by the people behind your favorite characters.

We’re looking to build community with the fandom, so please contact us with feedback, comments, questions, or suggestions!