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Jewelry Brands' Officially Licensed Star Wars Jewelry: A Galaxy of Cool Stuff for you!

Ever since the words “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” were projected on a screen in 1977, Star Wars has been one of the most universally loved franchises in history. Movies, comics, TV specials, Disney+ series, and more combine to create a complex tapestry of stories, with more content coming out regularly, which means we’re creating more jewelry and accessories to match!

The first Star Wars property, the film originally simply called Star Wars and now what we know as A New Hope, was the 3rd full length film by writer/director George Lucas. Previously, Lucas had created a number of shorts, the Sci-Fi cult classic THX-1138 (which many people know only of today as the namesake of Lucas’ sound company,) and the seemingly out-of-place American Graffiti

The franchise is often cited as being influenced by Japanese TV and films, including Anime such as Space Battleship Yamato (known in the USA as Star Blazers) and the work of Akira Kurosawa, with A New Hope being especially influenced by The Hidden Fortress. It’s also fairly well known that Lucas was influenced by the serial films of his youth, notably Buck Rogers and especially Flash Gordon. Some have suggested that Lucas might not have made Star Wars had he gotten the chance to make an official Flash Gordon film. It ties in that these old serial episodes often ended with a cliffhanger so as to create further anticipation for upcoming episodes, as The Empire Strikes Back was very shocking at the time, being a feature length film leaving the action on a cliffhanger so audiences would need to come see Return of the Jedi. Previously, there had been films (or books, etc) which continue a story, or a series of films which have the same characters and settings (Tarzan, Zorro, 007, etc.) but filmgoers in 1980 were shocked that the story wasn’t resolved after 2 hours and 4 minutes of run time.

One aspect that made Star Wars a successful franchise, and Lucas the wealthy celebrity he’s known as, was the incredibly successful marketing and product tie-ins. For many folks in Generation X, Star Wars action figures were a mainstay of play, and the inspiration for many other toy lines. Of course, not everything branded Star Wars was a success. Technically, the second Star Wars release was The Star Wars Holiday Special, which some try to forget and others celebrate for its non-sequitur bizarreness. That said, one could also argue that it was merely ahead of its time and the spiritual forerunner to Adult Swim. Given the sheer amount of installments: with 31 different film and TV titles released, and at least 3 underway (as of 2022,) numerous comic book series and more books than anyone in our office wants to count, it’s a clear consensus that the Star Wars franchise is well-loved.

Likewise, as one of, if not the, biggest lines of officially licensed product merchandise put out by jewelry brands, Star Wars has something for everyone. The subtle fan can show their love or friendship with a STAR WARS R2-D2 & C-3PO PENDANT NECKLACE , while the more daring of us might wear Boba Fett’s rocket launcher from the STAR WARS FORCE PACK GIFT SET With a collection of character pins, necklaces, bracelets, keychains...you name it...you can show your love of the movies or any of the characters. Show your loyalty to the Galactic Empire or allegiance to the Rebel Alliance! Wear your favorite droid! See if you can collect every image of the loveable little scamp most of us knew as Baby Yoda before learning his name, Grogu.

Jewelry Brands’ goal is to create cool, affordable jewelry and accessories for fans, as well as to make it easy for fans’ loved ones to figure out what gifts to get. We don’t just make items with Star Wars and related imagery, we’re officially licensed by Disney and Lucasfilm, which means everything is legal, acknowledged, and approved of by the people behind your favorite characters.

We’re looking to build community with the fandom, so please contact us with feedback, comments, questions, or suggestions!