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MARVELOUS Superhero Jewelry from Jewelry Brands!

We know, we know, Marvel Studios has been cranking out so much amazing original content, it can be hard to keep up!  

Whether you’re a fan of Captain America: the “First Avenger” and old school Marvel Comic hero from 80some years ago, to Disney+ shows such as Ms. Marvel and MoonKnight…if you’re interested in the fearsome logo of the Punisher or waiting for the newest MCU film to hit theaters, we have Marvel Superhero Jewelry and accessories for you! From the familiarity of Queens’ neighborhoods, we have Spider-Man. From the deepest depths of outer space, we have Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy. From alternate realities of the multiverse, we have Dr. Strange, his friends and enemies, and the one-of-a-kind America Chavez!

The first Marvel Comic was literally called Marvel Comics #1 (1939) and was the first publication of Timely Comics, the precursor of Marvel as a company. It featured the Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch. Two years later, Timely released Captain America #1, who readers probably recognize from the above paragraph and many more spectacular appearances. Timely became Atlas Magazines, and eventually Marvel Comics in the 1960s. Currently, there is still the publishing company, Marvel Comics, run by the greater Marvel Entertainment, itself now owned by Disney, which is why Marvel Cinematic Universe films are shown on Disney+. 

Jewelry Brands’ goal is to create cool, affordable jewelry and accessories for fans, as well as to make it easy for fans’ loved ones to figure out what gifts to get. We don’t just make items with Superhero logos and related imagery, we’re officially licensed by Disney and Marvel, which means everything is legal, acknowledged, and approved of by the people behind your favorite characters.

We’re looking to build community with the fandom, so please contact us with feedback, comments, questions, or suggestions!