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Interdimensional jewelry and accessories for *burrrp* you, aw geez!

*DISCLAIMER: We originally wrote this as if Rick and Morty were talking to each other, but as we read it out loud with repeated burp noises and “OH GEEZ” exclamations, our colleagues threatened us with throwing us through a one-way portal.*

Sometimes, you and your friends make a parody of a beloved film only to wind up creating your own media empire. Such is the case with Rick and Morty, which started as a purposely bad reference to the main characters of Back to the Future. Due to copyright and general logic, the characters of “The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti” got turned into The Adventures of Rick and Morty, and instead of a strange friendship between local eccentric and teenager, the focus was a strange relationship between an interdimensional eccentric and his grandson and family…or families since infinite universes mean infinite families. Rick and Morty was all about the multiverse plots ahead of the curve! It may seem strange to start with a Back to the Future reference and wander into the ethics of interdimensional family life, but to be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. Of course, you can just enjoy the fart jokes.

With six seasons and counting, Rick and Morty defies timelines (that’s not just about the science-fiction, it’s about the bizarre release timing!) involved a multiverse long before such a thing became a pop culture staple, and has a complex writing style based on co-creator Dan Harmon’s 8 stage story cycle based on the monomyth idea of the hero’s journey as popularized by noted historian and writer Joseph Campbell…and a lot of body humor. 

Some of our products for the franchise reflect the dichotomy: if not paradox: of Rick and Morty. Our “Get Schwifty” rubber bracelet is a meaningless statement which helped save the word and has become a real-world reference. Tinkles the magical ballerina lamb (shown here in pin form) is actually a malevolent alien parasite. You can wear a snazzy necklace about an interdimensional, superintelligent, telepathic, genocidal yet polite gas cloud voiced by a famous New Zealand comedian..named “Fart.” This “Existence is Pain” button is a quote by a Mr. Meeseeks references a bizarre existential situation unique to an alien species…and yet paraphrases the first noble truth of the Buddha.  Of course, you can get any number of more direct Rick and Morty items, such as this mini flask pendant, invoking one of Rick’s most used possessions.

Jewelry Brands’ goal is to create cool, affordable jewelry and accessories for fans, as well as to make it easy for fans’ loved ones to figure out what gifts to get. We don’t just make items with Rick and Morty logos and related imagery, we’re officially licensed by Adult Swim and Cartoon Network, which means everything is legal, acknowledged, and approved of by the people behind your favorite characters.

We’re looking to build community with the fandom, so please contact us with feedback, comments, questions, or suggestions!