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Naruto Shippuden

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Naruto is one of the most popular anime* of all time and for good reason. To say that it is influential would be an understatement. It helped shape what a lot of modern anime do today. “Naruto Shippuden” specifically means “Naruto: the Hurricane Legends” or “Hurricane Chronicles” and refers to our hero, Naruto Uzumaki and the literal and metaphorical storms he goes through in this series of the larger Naruto franchise. “Naruto” literally means “whirlpool” “maelstorm” or even “spiral” (and used by the seemingly tangent reference to a spiral-motif fishcake called Narutomaki, often found in Ramen dishes.) Naruto’s last name Uzumaki also means spiral. You can probably see a theme here. However, Naruto also is the name of a 9 tailed fox spirit in Japanese mythology, so there’s more to this all than might seem. 

Created in 1999 by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto showed that the main character can have deeper motivations than just saving the world, and struggling and getting stronger all the while. When he’s not taking down the current villain, Naruto Uzumaki is training to become the Hokage (or village leader), trying to prove himself, or trying to find his friend Sasuke, who was influenced by the evil Orochimaru. When he’s not doing any of these things, he’s eating his favorite food, Ramen! (See, the Narutomake thing came full circle…or should we say…full SPIRAL?)

Naruto doesn’t win every fight, but when he does, it’s especially gratifying because you actually see the work he puts in to improve and train. Likewise, the villains had depth, complexity, motivation, and lasting effect on the storyline.

One of the other great things about Naruto is its side characters, such as Kakashi. Mentor for Naruto and one of the most skilled ninjas in the Hidden Leaf Village, Kakashi is the cool calm type who will always be there for a friend in need. He was also the Hokage, or village leader, in the later point of his life! You can get Kakashi as a keychain or pin! (link to both here).

Currently, Naruto stands as one of the best-selling manga* series with over 250 million copies of media in circulation throughout dozens of countries. In addition to the Anime show and Manga series, there are 11 theatrical films, 26 novels, video games, a card game, and many other media. For instance, you can buy authorized Naruto jewelry, pins, and headbands right here on Jewelrybrands.shop!

Jewelry Brands’ goal is to create cool, affordable jewelry and accessories for fans, as well as to make it easy for fans’ loved ones to figure out what gifts to get. We don’t just make items with Naruto  logos and related imagery, we’re officially licensed, which means everything is legal, acknowledged, and approved of by the people behind your favorite characters.

We’re looking to build community with the fandom, so please contact us with feedback, comments, questions, or suggestions! 

*If you’re not already a fan, “Anime” is the term for stylized cartoon motion pictures, “Manga” being similar styled comics and graphic novels. “Anime” is short for “Animated” and “Manga” is based on the Japanese for “Whimsical pictures.” Both terms come from Japan and usually apply to Japanese media, but that’s an oversimplification, and detailed debates of what the exact definitions of either word rage on. For instance, some Japanese people refer to anything animated as Anime while others believe Anime has to be from Japan…while others believe it has to look like a certain style. Meanwhile, a lot of Manga is anything but “whimsical.” Searching online can lead you to many resources but not necessarily any confirmed answers.