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Our Top 10 Best Selling Superhero Products of 2021!

Last Year’s Most Popular Superhero Jewelry and Pop Culture Merchandise

Happy slightly belated New Year everyone! The holiday season is over, the new year is in full swing, and we’ve weathered many storms- some of us quite literally. (Which is, in fact, one reason this is later than expected.)

While sales reports are not everyone’s cup of tea, we do get excited to see how much fans love our stuff, and so with great pleasure, we present our first TOP TEN blog, featuring last year’s best selling items on JewelryBrands!


      The Mandalorian Grogu 3-Earrings Set

      The second season of the popular Disney+ series, The Mandalorian brought more adventures of the titular bounty hunter and his target turned surrogate child, and even let us know the 50-year-old toddler’s name is Grogu. Of course, most of us have been calling the little frog-eating scamp by his fan nickname: Baby Yoda. Officially, that’s not accurate, since he’s not Yoda, but a member of his somehow unnamed race. But even the creators say “Baby Yoda.”

      This item sold so well that we’ve sold out of it entirely! But you can still get this similar set of Grogu earrings, and a large selection of other “Baby Yoda” products!


           Star Wars Red Lightsaber Faux Earrings

          Red Lightsabers are symbolic of the user’s dedication to the Dark Side of the Force. This pair of lightsabers are indeed actual pierced earrings, but we call them “faux” because they present the illusion of having a wider gauge going through your ear, as if a tiny Vader stabbed your earlobes. 

          Get your own pair here, or explore our other lightsaber jewelry options!

            8) CARTOON NETWORK RICK (as in “and Morty”) FLASK KEYCHAIN

            Cartoon Network Rick (as in "and Morty") Flash Keychain

            This keychain featuring everyone’s favorite (or maybe least favorite) mad scientist’s beloved flask has sold out! But we still have a variety of other Rick and Morty jewelry items for you! How many other changes will you get to buy an officially licensed Fart necklace?


                 Spiderman Iron Suit Logo Pin

                Spiderman! Spiderman! Does whatever a Spider Can! AND can do a lot of what Iron Man Can! Heck, he can do stuff nobody else can! Get this amazingly spectacular enamel pin while you still can! While you’re at it, gather up an assortment of products featuring various logos and wardrobe from Spiderman and his friends through the years.

                  6)WANDA'S SCARLET WITCH TIARA


                     WANDA'S SCARLET WITCH TIARA
                    Our first cosplay item to make the list! A familiar item to old school comic readers, and introduced to the live-action Marvel Universe in the Disney+ series, Wandavision, this tiara allows you, yes you! The ability to look like the lovely and talented Wanda Maximoff (magic abilities not guaranteed, but if granted, please do not trap your neighbors into an unwilling psychological processing of your own grief.) The tiara comes in a collector’s quality box with a certificate of authenticity.

                    If you’re a fan of the show but would like a more reserved fashion statement, consider our Wandavision “Unusual Couple” enamel pin!

                      5) IRONMAN ARC REACTOR MAGNETIC PIN

                        IRONMAN ARC REACTOR MAGNETIC PIN

                        This oversized magnetic pin can be worn like you would any normal pin, or in the middle of your Black Sabbath t-shirt to cosplay Tony Stark. It glows in the dark, or under fluorescent lighting! Annnnd, it comes in a quality collector’s box with a Certificate of Authenticity in case someone challenges your dedication to officially licensed, quality products! Specifically, this is the The New Element Arc Reactor Mark V used in conjunction with the Mark L (Mark 50) Iron Man suit worn in Avengers:Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Check out our other Iron Man jewelry here!

                          4) MARVEL BLACK PANTHER CLAW NECKLACE

                             Marvel Black Panther Claw Necklace

                            Like some of the other products mentioned above, this comes in a quality,collectible case with Certificate of Authenticity, so you can proudly display it as is…or wear this when you’re in full T’Challa cosplay…or even wear it on your regular clothes and see who catches the reference. If the latter, just make sure you’re ready to respond to WAKANDA FOREVER! Make sure to round out your look with our other Black Panther jewelry!




                                As you can see (SEE, get it, EYE of Agamotto? Eh?) This is yet another awesome item in equally awesome collector’s quality packing with a Certificate of Authenticity. This is one seriously high-quality item, perfect for you to wear to the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness when it comes out on May 4! (May 4? Disney might be confusing this for their other cinematic universe!) Or, choose from our selection of other Eye of Agamotto pins and necklaces!

                                2) LOKI NAME BADGE PIN

                                 Marvel Loki Name Badge Lapel Pin

                                There’s not many characters who are villains, heroes, anti-heroes, and several other things in between. There’s not many characters that have died BEFORE starring in their own show. There’s not many characters who respond to getting in trouble by causing more trouble- but what do you expect from the God of Mischief? Hey, at least President Loki is just lying and not using armies of aliens to destroy earth! Show your allegiance to the Trickster God with this lovely lapel pin.

                                Are politics not your thing? Well, check out our other Loki jewelry items!

                                HONORABLE MENTIONS:

                                Before we get to the number one spot, time for some honorable mentions!

                                Tied for 11th place, there’s:  GREEN LANTERN ENAMEL RING SET and NARUTO AKATSUKI PENDANT


                                The Green Lantern Enamel Finger Set has sold out, unfortunately.

                                Just as popular is our Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Cloud Symbol Pendant Necklace. The Akatsuki organization intimidates their foes with fear and pain. You can impress your friends with this pendant on a chain! Check out our Naruto jewelry here!

                                OUR NUMBER ONE SELLER!

                                1) GREEN LANTERN ADJUSTABLE RING SET

                                GREEN LANTERN ADJUSTABLE RING SET

                                By far, our most popular item in 2021 was this 9 ring set, similar to the simpler item mentioned honorably above. Clearly these Green Lantern Corps  (The DC fans in house want to remind everyone that while these are Green Lantern IP items, these represent different Corps within)  ring sets are well appreciated!Unfortunately, such popularity led both variations to be sold out! However, while you can’t buy them directly from us, you can still get them from Amazon!

                                This set included the Green (Willpower), Red (Rage), Orange (Avarice), Yellow (Fear), Blue (Hope), Indigo (Compassion), Violet (Love), White (Life), and Black (Death) rings, in yet another gorgeous collectable display box. Each ring is adjustable for

                                All in all 2021 was a good year…for pop culture jewelry at least. We don’t want to spoil any releases we have advanced insight about, but look forward to more Marvel and Star Wars properties coming out…Disney+ certainly doesn’t look like it will be running out of content any time soon! That Moon Knight trailer just dropped, a lot of familiar faces such as Thor and Spidey will be returning…Likewise DC is bringing back Aquaman, Batman (excuse us, THE BATMAN), and other faves. While nobody is expecting any new Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoons, we’re waiting patiently for updates of other news. Check back for updates for all your favorite pop culture in jewelry form!

                                Happy New Year and best wishes for 2022!

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