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Superhero Jewelry: Conquering the Cultural Zeitgeist

In the last two successive decades, superheroes have become the premium cinematic experiences of our time. The way they have captured the cultural zeitgeist and the way this genre has achieved stratospheric success is unheard of in the entire movie industry. As the genre keeps coming back with new and inventive ways to beat the always-there demon of oversaturation and mediocrity, we can safely say that superheroes are here to stay for all time to come. 

Marvel vs. DC: A Tale of Two Superpowered Titans

As is well known, the superhero industrial complex has mostly been dominated by two brands; Marvel and DC. Marvel has always been the colorful, peppy brother whose heroes keep things light hearted as they attempt to save the universe. Case in point; Spiderman whose tragedies in early life do not dissuade him from losing his wit. In sheer contrast to this is DC, whose spandex heroes have always been self serious, melancholic and even nihilistic. DC’s most popular character Batman is a brooding loner who prefers to work alone. 

Reigning Supreme: Marvel's Cinematic Dominance

Together, both Marvel and DC have taken control of the entire burgeoning superhero movie genre, bringing in close to 50 billion dollars in the last two decades alone. Marvel’s most successful solo outing has been Spiderman who is still going strong after three live action incarnations while DC has had its biggest success with Batman, whose character has attracted auteur filmmakers from across the world, resulting in some of the most potent films of all time. 

Taking cue from comics where heroes unite in multiversal adventures, Marvel has been on an absolute roll with its onscreen cinematic universe. There was a time, until recently, where C and D list Marvel heroes were making close to a billion dollars in their cinematic outings; not to mention Marvel’s four Avengers ensemble films which have been mammoth hits in their own right. Adding Sony’s Spiderman and Fox’s X-Men films to the mix and we have a clear case of Marvel winning the race by far. Compared to this, DC has fumbled with its cinematic universe and has had more success with outings that are not in continuity with its DCEU. Competing visions and tonal inconsistencies have throttled its race and enabled Marvel to become the face of the superhero empire. 

The Enduring Appeal of Superheroes

Audiences have embraced superheroes due to a multitude of reasons. The characters have always been popular in comic book form and to see them come to life courtesy of advances in CGI is a sight to behold. Also, modern filmmakers have come up with emotionally resonant stories for these spandex heroes that not only appeal to a wide range of people but also manage to further the genre as a whole. The result is that superhero films continue to endure, even in adverse market conditions, as audiences keep coming back for more. 

Celebrate Superheroes with Jewelry Brands

Here, on Jewelry Brands, we love to celebrate superheroes. Superheroes not only inspire us to become our best selves but they also celebrate hard work, perseverance and morality. In a world where hopelessness and corruption runs rampant, superheroes push us to do better in all aspects. To celebrate the sheer imagination and reach of this genre, we have dozens of pieces from both brands in our collection. Since, this is officially licensed merchandise made with permission and creative input from the brands themselves, these products are signed off by the brands themselves. Each product is made with care and love and fabricated using the latest technology in the industry. 

DC Comics Jewelry Collection: Embracing the Dark Side

Our superhero collection is neatly divided by franchise and further subdivided by each character. As a result, we have a collection that encompasses dozens of pieces from all corners of the genre. In DC, we have everything from Aquaman to Wonder Woman. Our DC Comics Batman Wayne Cufflinks have been quite popular and nothing screams die hard fan as much as this Superman Logo Blue Ring. Equally impressive is this Black Adam Black Lightning Necklace which encompasses the antihero nature of the character perfectly. If this is not your forte, you can always head to our DC portal where you can indulge yourself in countless pieces of memorabilia, all made to perfection. 

Marvel Cinematic Universe Jewelry: For True Believers

On the Marvel side, we have an extensive collection that honors every corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond, from WandaVision to the X-Men. Our Marvel Deadpool Red Blood Ring is a beautiful bloody tribute to the Merc with the Mouth and our Iron Man Helmet Litpin captures the hero’s quirky outdo perfectly. We have so much more Marvel themed jewelry in our store right here

So head on over to our site right now and get that piece you have always wanted!

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