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Marvel Captain America Shield Logo Pendant Necklace

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Marvel Captain America Logo Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace.

Dimension: Chain Length: 22 inch

Material: Stainless Steel

“I can do this all day.” Show your support for the First Avenger with a stainless steel pendant replicating Captain America’s shield.

Rarely seen without it in hand, Captain America leads the Avengers with his nearly indestructible shield as an ultimate defense against villains of all kinds. The iconic circular shield made its debut in Captain America Comics #2. With its patriotic colors, it is a symbol of protection from enemies like Red Skull and Thanos.

Throughout the comics, Captain America’s shield is made of Vibranium, giving the shield the ability to absorb, store, and release kinetic energy. It can also bounce off of surfaces to hit a multitude of enemies in one throw. Not even Thor’s hammer can break a shield so strong.

As a unisex pendant, people of any gender can wear it as a necklace to show off their inner Marvel fan. The pendant also comes in a package decorated in Avengers logos and Captain America’s famous line: Avengers assemble.

With this symbol of a hero around you, you can display the icon of the First Avenger who was frozen in ice for 66 years but still had the strength and determination to fight the impossible.

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