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DC Comics Justice League Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman/The Flash Enamel Lapel Pin Set (4pcs)

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DC Comics Justice League Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash Base Metal Enamel Pins Set (4 piece).

Material: Base Metal, Enamel

Every hero has an iconic emblem bared across the chest of their super suit. A large S to forever remember Superman’s name, a black bat for the dark Batman, two W so Wonder Woman continues to be a wonder, and the lightning-fast speed of The Flash. Without their logos, the Justice League wouldn’t be as identifiable as they famously are. There would be no Bat-Signal, no similar symbol for Supergirl, and no symbol for Reverse-Flash to copy.

Unlike the other heroes, Wonder Woman did not have an iconic symbol on her attire at first. Instead, her crest appeared as a golden eagle and was later transformed into two W. The Flash always had a lightning bolt, and Batman was never seen without a bat. Superheroes and heroines go through countless design changes over time, but their iconic symbol is one thing that always stays certain.

In a set of four enamel pins, the most notable DC heroes can be represented on jackets, lanyards, and more. There’s no need to settle between being more of a Batman or Superman fan while both logos are featured in this set. With licensed packaging, it’s a perfect gift for all fans of the Justice League.

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