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Marvel Spider-Man Face Stud Earrings

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Marvel Spider-Man Base Metal and Black IP Face Front with Stainless Steel Post Stud Earrings.

Material: Stainless Steel, Base Metal

As a hero, Spider-Man’s mask is a necessary piece to hide his identity as a high schooler. Catching bad guys in webs isn’t something that the average teenager would be capable of, and no one would think 16-year-old would be saving New York from evil villains. An alter ego is necessary for every superhero to hide behind so they can have a normal life while they aren’t saving the day.

The superpowers Spider-Man gained from the radioactive spider bite enhanced his physical abilities, but Peter Parker had many skills before he put on the mask. In school, he’s academically brilliant in science, engineering, mathematics, and more. Even as a teenager, Peter is a genius who has the knowledge to make web-shooters on his own to use his powers successfully. Without liking the sciences, Peter Parker would never have seen the radioactive spiders.

By having superhuman powers and a brilliant mind, Spider-Man is a hero who can take on challenges with or without his mask. His web-slinging powers truly make him Spider-Man, but he couldn’t be as strong without having the necessary tools to be one. With both brains and brawn, Spider-Man can win a fight against any enemy.

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