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Star Wars Jedi Order Hook Dangle Earrings

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Star Wars Jedi Order Stainless Steel Hook Dangle Earrings for Women.

Dimension: 1.88" (L) x 1" (W) 0.063" (H)

Material: Stainless Steel

Thousands of years before the Galactic Empire, before the Rebel Alliance, and before the Clone Wars, the Jedi Order was formed. This order was religiously devoted to the light side of the Force and kept peace within the Galactic Republic.

The Jedi Order created a temple to teach future Jedi the way of the Force. Within, Jedi Masters trained young Padawans to bring out their potential as Jedi. As Qui-Gon Jinn said to Anakin, "Anakin, training to become a Jedi is not an easy challenge. And even if you succeed, it's a hard life." The Jedi are instructed to remain to Jedi code and stay faithful to the Order and the light. It is the ideal role for a Star Wars protagonist. The Sith Order emerged at a later time from those who delved into the dark side of the Force, dividing the Jedi to those who would remain faithful to the light or to be exiled as a renegade.

Gleaming in sterling silver, the logo of those who are guardians of peace dangle and shine. By wearing earrings depicting the icon of the Jedi Order proves your dedication to the light side of the Force and the model of being a Jedi.

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