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Our Hottest Items of 2022

Our Hottest Items of 2022


Happy New(ish) Year everyone!

2022 was another great year for Marvel and Star Wars, which should come across as shocking to exactly nobody. Part of this is, of course, because they are both amazing companies cranking out well-written stories that are crafted by vastly creative teams. Part of this is because they are both partners with the Disney+ streaming service. We realize that we’re quite a few weeks into the New Year, but we often need a bit of time to factor and figure out all the boring behind-the scenes sales stuff. Now that we have, we wanted to brag about the Top ten best selling Jewelry Brands items! Of course, we actually have a lucky top 13, read on and discover why!


Marvel Loki Pendant Necklace

First up is one of our Loki Helmet Pendant Necklaces. The god of mischief has been popular with his various appearances as a villain, anti-hero, anti-villain, and everything in between. His stylish signature helmet is shown in golden hue against a Loki-green background. This is one of our items where the packaging is as charming as the piece itself, perfect for display between wearings. Get yours now in time for the second season of Loki, coming out on Disney + in 2023!


clone force ninety nine bad batch

Next up is this set of 5 lapel pins featuring the distinctive helmets of Clone Force 99, known as the “Bad Batch” in the Star Wars universe. With season 2 of the Bad Batch just being released on Disney + , signs point to this continuing to be popular in 2023. The striking 3-D visages of Crosshair, Echo, Hunter, Tech, and Wrecker can be worn as a set, mixed and matched, or displayed.


three-D bad batch keychain

Our first tie of the list includes more Bad Batch merch, featuring our 3-D keychains of two of the Bad Batch team, and it makes sense that both Wrecker and Hunter are equally popular! Is this a sign that we should make more keychains of more Bad Batch characters? Let us know! In either case, we expect these two keychains to continue to be popular through 2023 and the ongoing Bad Batch run on Disney+. 


Shang-chi green color logo

Our next tie is also logical, both Glow-in-the-dark items inspired by Marvel’s Shang-Chi, (Aka, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.)We have both this GotD Shang-Chi logo enamel lapel pin, and corresponding GotD Shang-Chi keychain


You probably can sense some themes now, since the next item is not only another Shang-Chi item, but is also a matching set of a Shang-Chi inspired pin and keychain (basically one item featuring both pieces, as opposed to #7 being two matching but separate items.) Both the enamel lapel pin and keychain feature artwork of the 10 Rings and their respective characters, as well as the Shuang Gou (Hook swords.)

5)  (Tie)  SHNGPIN01 and SHNGPIN02

Shang-Chi two enamel lapel pins

Yet another tie! And yes, even another Shang-Chi tie! (Hmm, should we have Shang-Chi ties? Like for dress up occasions? Let us know!) These two enamel lapel pins feature two of the symbols featured in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ring, one being the same ten rings imagery from  SHNGLPKCSET01, the other being the Shang-Chi rendition of the Eternal Knot found throughout Asian iconography.


Spider-Man No Way Home lapel pin

To change gears, we have this awesome Spider-Man No Way Home lapel pin! Nothing complicated here, just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and logo on multi-color enamel.


Mandalorian helmet keychain

It’s become very clear that if you want a popular series on a streaming platform where a charming anti-hero cares for a living mcguffin that becomes an adoptive child, Pedro Pascal is the actor. Strangely, we barely see his face in The Mandalorian, instead seeing the signature helmet- which you can have in keychain form!


Marvel Loki gold pendant necklace

Everyone’s favorite anarchic Asgardian returns to the list with yet another popular pendant! You can share his style without actually wearing a cumbersome helmet- just the image of the helmet with a matching gold-tone chain. Wear it for the premier of Loki season 2 on Disney + later this year, or display it in our custom collector’s packaging.



Spider-Man No way Home keychain, half face incarnation

Last, but certainly not least…you know, because we sold the most of this item…is this Spider-Man keychain from Spider-Man: No Way Home. Even if you haven’t seen the film (we try to minimize spoilers around here) this item is appropriate as it features the image of Spider-Man and…another version of Spider-Man. Fitting because this film features a number of Spider-Man incarnations. 


As mentioned, we’re already in a new season of Bad Batch, and the items mentioned so far tie into Loki Season 2 and Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse coming out later this year. A new Shang-Chi film is in progress, although we’re not sure when exactly it will be released. Other Marvel properties we have some merch related to include Guardians of the Galaxy 3 coming to theaters, and Secret Invasion coming to Disney+, both this spring. We’ll be hearing even more from Groot and Ironheart before the year is through. A new season of The Mandalorian starts in March (with Season 4 being confirmed.)

There’s also The Flash movie, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, and much, much more coming to screens of various sizes before 2023 is done. Stay tuned for updates of these projects and our related superhero jewelry and pop culture accessories!
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