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Bad Batch Season 2: Badder and Batchier!

Bad Batch Helmets: Badder and Batchier

It’s daring to use the word “Bad” in your show title, because it helps critics write negative reviews. As it happens, The Bad Batch is a good show, and seems to be something that everyone can agree on, be they casual fan or full on Star Wars geek. Even the die-hardest of Star Wars fans- a community often known for bickering over preferences- agree on the quality of the Bad Batch

Most people know about the general background of Star Wars and the main films that focus around a handful of characters: Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader, his children and various heirs, his colleague-trainer-eventual foe Ben “Obi-Wan” Kenobi, a rogue named Han Solo, the mighty Chewbacca, and a few droids. However, since the story is galactic in reach, it allows for the possibility of infinite storylines. 

In Star Wars: a New Hope- the original film which was called simply “Star Wars” when released in 1977, offhandedly mentions “The Clone Wars” when Princess Leia says that Obi-Wan served her father. (Which raises many questions as more stories are released.) This casual reference captured the curiosity of fans, but it wasn’t until 2002’s Attack of the Clones where we learned who these clones were and who they were at war with…as well as how the clones tie in with Boba Fett, himself still a figure shrouded in mystery despite being a fan favorite. Once details of the Clone Wars became Canon, it was a matter of time before there were official Clone Wars books, games, TV series, etc. The Bad Batch is functionally a sequel/spin off of various Clone Wars cartoons (shorts, film, and episodic TV show.)

While the rest of the clone army are all exact copies- of Boba Fett’s father, Jango, no less- The Bad Batch is another name for Clone Force 99, consisting of clones genetically engineered to possess specific and “exceptional” skills. However, this makes them “exhibit a concerning level of disobedience and disregard for orders." The original members of the squad are leader Hunter- who has super senses; Crosshair- the ultimate marksman, Tech- who has enhanced mental abilities and high intelligence, and Wrecker- who is notably strong but especially wreckless. There’s also Echo, a more standard  but especially brave clone who has been cybernetically enhanced…but also traumatized. They are joined by Omega, an “unmodified yet enhanced” female clone.

If you’d like to represent the Bad Batch as fashion accessories, you’re in luck! We have this amazing set of the Bad Batch helmets as Lapel Pins, each depicted in 3D base metal with colored enamel. Each is 3.4-4cm tall, depending on the specific helmet. We also have matching keychains for Hunter and Wrecker: Hunter’s helmet  is 3.7cm (1.46”) tall  and Wrecker’s is 3.4cm (1.38”), each rendered in hollow-backed 3D base metal, hung on quality keyrings with “lobster claw” style clasps.

As with any of our blogs about Star Wars go, we’d like to thank Wookieepedia for providing and confirming information. 

You can see trailers for seasons 1 and 2 on youtube. 

New episodes of season 2 will be coming out through the end of March. You can watch Star Wars: The Bad Batch exclusively on Disney+

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