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Season 3 of the Mandalorian is Upon Us!

The Mandalorian made an amazing impact when it first premiered, with celebrity cameos, impressive storytelling, and the most adorable force-wielding middle-aged toddler you ever did see. Pedro Pascal proved he could act without anyone seeing his face, the writers proved themselves impressive, and the showrunners proved that the Star Wars universe could have infinite storytelling potential. Season 2 continued all of these points and wowed viewers with increasing tie-ins to the original films of the series.

 Since then, Pascal’s role in HBO’s The Last of Us has provoked jokes that soon all TV shows will be about Pedro playing initially hesitant gruff yet fatherly Pedro Pascal escorting a magical child who can save the world through a series of death defying adventures.” Many people have giggled at the idea, but nobody has actually suggested this would be a bad thing.

 We have dozens of different Mando items, ranging from a selection of jewelry pieces featuring the Mandalorian symbol of the Mythosaur skull, and a wide variety of assorted Grogu items! (Yes, we also miss calling him “Baby Yoda,” even if that’s not exactly correct.) Of course, these are just a fraction of the hundreds of Officially Licensed Star Wars products we sell! 

 The Mandalorian Season 3 premiers on Mar 1, 2023, with 8 episodes scheduled to drop every Wednesday through April. You can watch the trailer here and watch full episodes as they come out on Disney+, where you can also see the first two seasons!

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