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Star Wars: Real Life Lightsaber

Someone Took the Trouble to Make a Real Life Lightsaber!

But You Can Easily Own Your Own Lightsaber Keychains and Jewelry!

Rich here, Jewelry Brands employee. My office neighbor Tim just showed me a link to an amazing video where  the team from Hacksmith Industries build their own, real-life, actually working lightsaber. Check it out!

Sure, the one they made requires a propane tank instead of a Khyber Crystal, which means you can only have duels connected to a giant heavy tank or your nearest BBQ grill, but it’s still pretty impressive! Tim prefaced the link with “This doesn’t have anything to do with work, but it’s so cool.” I felt the need to correct Tim and make this video work related by writing this blog, since we feature so many Officially Licensed Star Wars Light Saber  items!

The original appearance of Hacksmith Industries’ Light Saber blade is white, so it would be perfect for Ahsoka Tana from The Mandalorian  and other places. We don’t currently have any Ahsoka items in stock, but let us know if you’d like to see some come back!

By adding chemicals to the flame, the color of the blade changed, a little Boric Acid added makes a lovely green color. Fittingly enough, Yoda is green, he lives in a swamp filled with green, and his lightsaber is green! And you can buy his green lightsaber in either pendant or keychain form!

Blue lightsabers have been used by many Jedi, including Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and Rey. If you want to be a hero, but show it in a dangerous way, you can wear this Blue Lightsaber Pendant  or Keychain.

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