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Water Tribe - Earth Kingdom - Fire Nation - Air Nomads

Water Tribe - Earth Kingdom - Fire Nation - Air Nomads


    Water...Earth...Fire...Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when I looked for my keys. Only a keychain, master of all my keys, could hold them, but when I needed them most, they vanished. Some time passed and I discovered some new keychains, some featuring an airbender named Aang...I believe these keychains can save your keys.

    Okay, the keychain part: you know how keychains work. They hold your keys. A good keychain also has a clip to attach to your keys to your belt loop, bag, or other item. A cool keychain has a cool bangle, bauble, or doodad. The last part is where we come in. We here at Jewelry Brands have a vast collection of keychains including many from your favorite Nickelodeon shows, including Ren and Stimpy, Spongebob Squarepants, Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, and the so-called “children’s show” that has grown men creating video essays about it to this day: Avatar: the Last Airbender!


Our Avatar: The Last Airbender Keychains:

Featuring the Symbols of the Four Elemental Nations


     If you’re familiar with Aang and his gAang, you already know the legends and lore that comprise some of the most celebrated worldbuilding in the last few decades, but if you’re new to the world of bending, perhaps because you’re looking for a gift for a fan but don’t know a platypus bear from a turtle duck, let us take you on a brief tour!

     First of all, we realize that Avatar: the Last Airbender is a unique fandom. Not only are fans some of the most loyal and dedicated of any pop culture following, but we have the disadvantage of working with such a long and awkward name. If you say “Star Wars” almost all living humans know what franchise you mean, and don’t get hung up about you meaning specifically “A New Hope.” If you say “DC” nobody asks if you literally mean Detective Comics as if they are unrelated to the various Harley Quinn films and TV shows. But if you just say “Avatar,” some people will ask if you mean “The blue people or the show?” by which they mean Avatar, the epic James Cameron film (with planned sequels) about Jake Sully and Sigourney Weaver controlling clones of blue aliens. No, we mean Avatar: the Last Airbender, the 4 season Nickelodeon cartoon.  If you just say “The Last Airbender,” people will ask if we mean the movie or the show, because there was a live action attempt at recreating the first season of our beloved animated work…but let’s just say the motion picture is less celebrated than our show. No! We mean Avatar: the Last Airbender, or AtLA to some. (Editor here- I once wrote A:tLA in a fan forum and was called pretentious, so AtLA it is!)

     The crux of AtLA, it’s related comic books, it’s sequel, The Legend of Korra, is that we’re in a world where people live in one of four societies, each based on one of the four classical elements. Some of the citizens of each nation are benders, people who have special abilities (but not magic!) which allow them to control their element in various ways. Only the Avatar, one person in a generation in the entire world, can learn to bend all four elements. Each Avatar is meant to keep peace between the nations…and between the physical world and the spirit world. This would be a lot of work for anyone, let alone poor 12-year-old (or is he really 112-year-old?) Aang. Luckily, he makes friends everywhere he goes! (Hence the gAang- get it? Aang’s gang?)

     The Water tribes are made up of the Southern Water Tribe (home of Sokka, Katara, and other beloved characters), The Northern Water Tribe (where the epic battle at the end of Season 1 took place), and the lesser known Foggy Bottom Swamp benders. The Water Tribe logo invokes waves and...logically enough...water flow. If you want to go with the flow, grab a Water Tribe Symbol keychain.

     The Earth Kingdom is the biggest nation in the world of Avatar: the Last Airbender. It’s where most of the Team Avatar’s adventures take place, and where they meet Toph. The Earth Kingdom symbol represents the mighty Badgermole. If you would like to feel more grounded, order your own Earth Kingdom keychain.

     Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. In a lesser story, this would mean the Fire Nation were the bad guys. However, with the brilliant writing of Michael Dante DiMartino,  Bryan Konietzko, and team, the Fire Nation was a fully actualized and authentic collection of characters, including our favorite villain turned hero, Prince Zuko.  You can probably guess what the Fire Nation’s symbol is supposed to be. If you’re feeling the heat, or just want to spread some warmth, this Fire Nation Symbol keychain is for you.

     Last, and unfortunately least, are the Air Nomads, almost entirely wiped out when the series starts. That’s why Aang is the LAST Airbender, after all. Before that, the Air Nomads were a peaceful group of highly spiritual benders who had temples all over the world. Luckily, in Legend of Korra, their numbers increase dramatically. If you’re light on your feet or have your head in the clouds, join Aang by showing off this Air Nomad Symbol keychain, with its trio of wispy whirls.

     To help you remember that it is important to draw wisdom from many different places, and that we’re all branches from the same tree, it’s worth noting that all four nations use similar spirals in their respective symbols.


Okay, so you don't want a symbol?

The Last Airbender Accessories!


Avatar Chibi Pins 1

    We not only have keychains for all the characters mentioned above, but also everyone’s favorite animal sidekicks,  Appa and Momo as well as Aang in both the Avatar State and in a Chibi Style, looking a bit like someone else you might know.

Avatar Chibi Pins 2

    Do you have enough keychains? Do you not have keys? Do you metalbend your keys to float around you? Worry not! Why not pick one of our selection of Avatar Chibi Pins, featuring Katara, Badguy Zuko, Toph, and Aang all bending their respective elements, Sokka with his beloved Boomerang, and Appa looking adorable as ever. We also have a bonus pin of Aang flying to match the keychain!

SalesOne also continues to create more officially licensed Avatar: the Last Airbender jewelry, pins, and accessories, so stay tuned to see what other items will become available. If there’s anything we don’t have that you’d like to see, please let us know!


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