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The best MCU television series Loki just returned with its second season!


Since the inception of the MCU in 2008, dozens of films and television series have made their way to audiences across the globe. While some have been duds and others fantastic, there has been nothing quite like Loki, the Marvel Disney series focusing on the adventures of our favorite shapeshifting trickster. After impressing with its first season in 2021, the Disney+ series has just returned with its much anticipated second outing.  

In the aftermath of the mind blowing success of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios needed to up the ante to ensure its audiences kept coming back for more. The Infinity Saga had ended and to ensure financial success of the franchise, the MCU needed to be expanded with a slew of limited series on Disney+ that would flesh out specific side characters in a way the movies never could. One of the earliest of such series was Loki, transporting the fan favorite trickster into time travel and multiversal adventures after his death. This was a creatively ingenious way to continue Loki’s journey after Thanos finally managed to kill him in Infinity War.  

We all felt that the MCU was getting a bit derivative after the Infinity Saga and what Loki manages to do is infuse some sense of originality and wonder into the franchise. With its complex depictions of time travel and the multiverse, the series brings a completely new side of the MCU to the forefront. Using the vast mythos of the MCU to build upon, Loki is like a trip into a metaphorical black hole; it will force you to reassess your understanding of the MCU whilst introducing a grand new threat. From its cool aesthetics to its synth soundtrack, this is also a beautiful story about redemption of one of the most iconic villains in the MCU. 

Since his introduction in 2011’s Thor, Tom Hiddleston’s iconic take on Thor’s half brother Loki is the perfect mix of charm, deceit and villainy. After helping build up the threat of Thanos throughout the Infinity Saga, it was only fitting that Loki would once again find himself in the midst of the next big threat faced by the Avengers, Kang. A multiversal demagogue who literally threatens all of existence in the universe, Kang is stronger than Thanos since he threatens every single timeline.  

In the first season, after messing with the timelines, Loki finds himself chased by the TVA, an organization dedicated to minimizing temporal inferences. It then turns out that the MCU has an infinite number of timelines with an infinite number of versions of each character. In this cat and mouse chase with the TVA, Loki stumbles across several of his alternate selves and a quest for truth leads him to the end of time where a shadowy figure is revealed to be pulling all the strings.  

This is Kang, or atleast a saner version of him. This Kang warns Loki that killing him will descend his more genocidal versions on the multiverse, resulting in a battle whose victor has already been determined to be him. Despite these warnings, Loki’s female variant Sylvie kills Kang and the multiverse descends into madness. In Season 2, Loki and friends continue their battle against variants of Kang whilst attempting to prevent reality from melting away.   

Tom Hiddleston is as good as ever and here, in his own series, he gets to shine even more. Equally impressive is Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie, a female variant of Loki who is as feisty and fierce as Hiddleston, if not more. Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius is fantastic and the series’ constant callbacks and references to the broader MCU are a delight for us fans.   

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Check out the main trailer for Loki Season 2 here 

Season 2 of Loki premieres exclusively on Disney+. New episodes of the series drop every Thursday on the streaming service until November 9.

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