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Top Stars Wars Jewelry Super Fans Can Wear All Day

Jewelry Brands has a fantastic array of Star Wars jewelry that features pieces inspired by the themes, symbols, and characters that came from “A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away.” Made of gold, titanium, and silver, our stunning lineup of high-end pieces is great for anyone who has been inspired by the powerful story of Star Wars. Our designs are gorgeous enough to bring the mystery and energy of both the dark and the light side of the Force.

Any super fan of Star Wars can wear jewelry to celebrate their love for the franchise, including its themes about balance, hope, loyalty, and friendship, as they can wear stylish jewelry infused with their personal preferences. Showcased by our fine Star Wars fan jewelry collection are outstanding inspirations of adventures and characters using mediums that endure just like this iconic story.

Star Wars Characters

star wars 3d character toggle clasp bracelet

Since the conception of the First Jedi Order, the galaxy of Star Wars has rarely been underpopulated. There are numerous bounty hunters, Imperial bad men, Twi’leks, Corellians, droids, and Gungans. There may be innumerable Fett-followers, Luke-lovers, and Han-fans that consider themselves so much more relaxed than the Vader-ravers, but it would be so much better to get all of them so that “The Force will be with you. Always.”

The Mandalorian

star wars the mandalorian gift set

The Mandalorians are the fictional people from the planet Mandalore. Initially conceptualized as a “super commandos” group in white armor, the idea eventually became a single bounty hunter called Boba Fett. Despite not explicitly identified as a Mandalorian, he ultimately became popular that the Mandalorian lore expanded with additional characters with a strong warrior tradition united by a common creed. The armor is the most distinct cultural feature, and it often gets outfitted with helmets and jetpacks that are so much like what Jango Fett and his son, Boba Fett, used.

Darth Vader

star wars 3d darth vader stud earrings and pendant necklace set

Darth Vader once became a heroic Jedi Knight. He eventually got seduced by the Force’s dark side, which is why he became a Sith Lord who wanted to eradicate the Jedi Order. For decades, Vader remained to serve the evil Emperor Darth Sidious, enforced his Master’s will, and sought to destroy the fledgling Rebel Alliance. However, when he had to fight his son, he eventually escaped the dark side and had himself redeemed when he killed the Emperor and saved his son, Luke.


star wars 3d r2-d2 stud earrings and pendant necklace set

R2-D2 was an R-2 series astromech droid with masculine programming that Industrial Automation manufactured. Since he never got a full memory wipe, he had an independently adventurous attitude that he usually found himself in galactic history’s pivotal moments. His ingenuity and bravery could save the galaxy on many occasions.

Millennium Falcon

star wars episode 8 gold plated millennium falcon money clip and cufflinks set

Formerly known as the Stellar Envoy, the Millennium Falcon was a YT-1300f Corellian light freighter that smugglers Chewbacca and Han Solo famously used during the Galactic Civil War.

It had an aged appearance that contradicted various advanced modifications that boosted the weapons, shield, and speed of the ship, including the hyperdrive engine, which is among the galaxy’s fastest that allowed it to outrun the Imperial Star Destroyers. It has smuggling compartments that were sensor-proof and were used to evade the Imperial stormtroopers to rescue Princess Leia Organa. The Millenium Falcon eventually had more action when Solo used it to sneak up and fire on Vader’s TIE Advanced and allow Luke to fire the proton torpedo that led to the Death Star’s destruction.

Porg 3-D

star wars episode 8 porg 3d pendant necklace

Porg is one of the franchise’s newest creatures that looks like a guinea pig with penguin wings. Anyone can become obsessed with this adorable new critter!


star wars episode 7 bb-8 lead hero droid spinning head 3d pendant necklace

As a loyal but skittish astromech, BB-8 accompanied Poe Dameron on numerous missions for the Resistance as it helped make sure that his X-wing was working correctly. When Poe had a task to Jakku that allowed the First Order to capture him, BB-8 went to the desert with an essential clue where they can find Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Master.


star wars episode 8 bb-9e spinning bottom pendant necklace

The black-plated astromech BB-series droid, B-9E, served the First Order. As the New Republic Era’s top-of-the-line astromech droid, BB-9E served the Supremacy, the flagship of Snoke, the Supreme Leader. It upheld security procedures and kept the machinery operational.

While the Resistance and First Order were having a war, BB-9E eventually discovered that the Resistance operatives infiltrated the Supremacy. Because of this droid’s actions, the stormtroopers of Captain Phasma were able to arrest Rose Tico and Finn before they had a chance to disable the hyperspace tracker of the Supremacy.

Skywalker Lightsaber

star wars blue titanium plated lightsaber necklace

Also referred to at various times as Luke’s, Rey’s, and Anakin’s lightsaber, the Jedi lightsaber has a blue blade that Anakin Skywalker constructed during the last years the Republic Era. Prophesied as the Chosen One of the Force, Anakin built this to replace his first lightsaber. He wielded this new weapon as the Jedi General of the Republic’s Grand Army. He led the clone troopers against the Droid Separatist Army on many battlefronts across Clone Wars galaxy-wide conflict. He was able to fight various opponents from Force-sensitive combatants to battle droids like Count Dooku, Barriss Offee, Savage Opress, and Asajj Ventress.

Sith Lightsaber

star wars darth vader lightsaber pendant necklace

Sith lightsabers were what the Sith members welded and constructed through methods that are the same as those used by the Force-sensitives. However, they had a different underlying philosophy. They are not similar to the Jedi as they don’t follow the light side of the Force. Since the Sith have emotions like fear and hatred associated with the dark side, establishing a mutual bond with the kyber crystals became difficult. That is mainly because the feelings like fear and hate cloud their concentration.

Kylo Ren

star wars episode 7 3d kylo ren stud earrings

Kylo Ren is a dark warrior with the Force that commands the missions of the First Order with a temper that is fiery like his unconventional lightsaber. As the First Order’s leader student of Snoke, the Supreme Leader, he sought to destroy the Jedi legacy, including the Resistance and the New Republic.

Kylo Ren Lightsaber

star wars episode 7 kylo reno lightsaber pendant necklace

Kylo Ren was the Knights of Ren’s Master and First Order’s Supreme Leader. This red lightsaber was the lightsaber of Ben Solo that Ren constructed while he underwent training under his uncle, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, as a Jedi Padawan. The weapon initially had a blue blade, but after he destroyed the Jedi Academy of Luke Skywalker, he fell into the dark side and modified it to have a red knife. Incorporated in the modified lightsaber is a crossguard hilt with an ancient design that dates back to Malachor’s Great Scourge. It included a Kyber crystal with cracks that required it to have lateral vents on both sides of the handles to divert the crystal’s additional generated heat.

Rebel Alliance

star wars rebel alliance symbol with clear cz bead charm

The Rebel Alliance is a fictional group known as the Alliance or Rebellion to Restore the Republic. It is an imaginary coalition of interstellar and stateless clandestine anti-imperialist cell systems, revolutionary factions, and republican dissidents in a resistance movement against the imperialist Galactic Empire. The goal of the Alliance is to restore the Galactic Republic, making it the original Star Wars trilogy’s main protagonist faction.

Death Star

star wars death star dangle charm

The fictional galactic superweapon and mobile space station that the Star Wars opera-space franchise featured is the Death Star. Its initial version appeared in the first Star Wars film last 1977. It was more than 99 miles in diameter that around 400 thousand droids and 1.7 million military personnel crewed. In the Return of the Jedi, there was a new Death Star that was significantly larger. Even if it appeared unfinished, it has technology that was more powerful compared to its predecessor.

Galactic Empire

star wars galactic empire symbol with cz bangle bracelet

Commonly referred to as the Empire, the Galactic Empire was a fascist galactic government. After the Clone Wars, it replaced the Galactic Republic, which ushered in a new galactic civilization. Also called the New Order, Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine ruled and founded the Empire. When the Clone Wars ended, he secretly became Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith. He allowed the new regime to rise in power as the population supported peace and stability from the Clone Wars’ destruction. They capitalized on human-ethnocentrism, anti-droid, and anti-Jedi sentiment that they almost eradicated and systematically purged the Jedi Order leaving the galaxy largely oppressed and conquered.

Mandalorian Helmet

star wars 3d mandalorian helmet ring

Commonly referred to as Mandalorian armor, this traditional armor was what the human warriors wore on Mandalore’s planet. This kind of helmet typically had a T-shaped visor that the faces concealed and included armaments such as jetpacks, flamethrowers, and whipcord throwers.


star wars stormtrooper tiered necklace

The fictional soldier of the Star Wars franchise is the stormtroopers. These are elite space marines or shock troops of the Galactic Empire that Emperor Palpatine leads with his commanders, Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader, in the original film trilogy. The stormtroopers swiftly responded and deployed to insurrection, and civil unrest states that they act as the Galactic Empire’s planetary garrison. They often appear in collective groups with various organizational sizes that range from legions to squads that they modified their training and armor for unique environments and operations.


star wars yoda head dangle charm

The legendary Jedi Master that is stronger than most when it comes to his connection with the Force is Yoda. Despite having a small size, he is powerful and wise. Having trained Jedi for more than eight centuries, he was able to play essential roles in unlocking immortality, teaching Luke Skywalker, and the Clone Wars.


star wars episode 7 lead hero rey stretchable bracelet

Rey got abandoned on Jakku by her parents. She eventually grew up as a scavenger during the war. Her life changed after agreeing to assist a droid on an urgently critical mission for the Resistance. After discovering that she was influential in the Force, she searched for Luke Skywalker, a Jedi Master, to train her. However, her attempt to bring back Kylo Ren ended up in disappointment. Rey continued her training. It allowed her to learn about her mysterious connection with Kylo as well as her parentage. She eventually faces the most significant test of confronting evil and fear to determine the galaxy’s fate.

Han Solo

star wars han solo corellian gold 3d dice necklace

Han Solo is the Millennium Falcon’s captain that eventually became affiliated with the Rebel Alliance in their war in opposition to the Galactic Empire with Chewbacca, his Wookiee co-pilot. He transported Luke Skywalker and Jedi Ben Kenobi to Alderaan. After becoming romantic with Princess Leia Organa, they had a son named Ben Solo, who eventually became the villain called Kylo Ren.


star wars 3d c-3po face dog tag pendant necklace

The droid that heroic Jedi Anakin Skywalker built and programmed for protocol and etiquette is C-3PO. Along with his constant companion astromech R2-D2, he got involved in many galaxy’s thrilling battles and defining moments as he became instrumental due to his fluency in more than 7 million languages.

Boba Fett

star wars boba fett helmet ring

As the clone of the human bounty hunter, Jango Fett, Boba Fett’s genetic code spawn an army of clone troopers in the Galactic Republic’s last years. He had deadly weaponry, customized Mandalorian armor, and the fearsome starship called Slave I. Boba was able to carry the legacy of his father when he became one of the bounty hunters. People feared him the most in the galaxy as the Galactic Empire reigned. Since he learned martial skills early and is well-trained in combat, he eventually became a legend as he had contacts with the criminal underworld and the Empire. Explore the possibilities of the universe with our Star Wars Jewelry.

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

Created by George Lucas, this epic American space opera expanded into various films that include other media such as comic books, novels, video games, and theme parks that comprise the all-encompassing fictional universe. The Star Wars franchise is the “Most successful film merchandising franchise,” according to the Guinness World Records. This year, the franchise’s total value is at $70 billion, and it is now the fifth-highest-grossing media franchise of all time. Allow yourself to STAND OUT with the extensive reach of Star Wars.

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