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Top 10 Superman Jewelry to Wear for Any Occasion

Superman, an alien born on another world and raised to be one of Earth’s greatest heroes in DC Comics. Superman was created in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster for Action Comics, which later would become part of DC. In the Comics, he was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton but raised on Earth after being sent by his parents in a ship as the planet Krypton is destroyed.

Growing up on a farm in Smallville gave Kal-El, now known as Clark Kent as he was adopted by the childless couple, Jonathan and Martha Kent, humble and nobleness to go along with amazing superpowers he was born with. These qualities have made him a fan favorite the world over. DC’s Superman logo inspires all who see it because they know that the S stands for hope, as that is what it translates to in Kryptonian, and that is what Kal-El inspires so many with.

It’s easy to wear this symbol of hope for any occasion. Here’s our top 10 pieces of Superman jewelry, rings, and accessories to impress your friends, your family, or the person walking past you!

10. DC Comics Superman Logo Stud Earrings

dc comics superman logo stud earrings

These bright, round blue stud earrings with the yellow and red logo are classics! The blue brings the yellow and red of the logo out. On stainless steel posts, their dimensions are 8mm with 5/16" width x 1/16" height. Fun, bright, and looking like they flew from Superman’s chest!

9. DC Comics Superman Red/Yellow Epoxy Superman Logo Stud Earrings

dc comics red/yellow epoxy superman logo stud earrings

Sometimes the symbol is all that you want. You can proudly wear the red and yellow Superman logo on your ears and let people see your love for the last son of Krypton. The studs are sturdy stainless steel with dimensions of 1/2" length x 9/16" width x 1/16" height.

8. DC Comics Superman Cut Out Dangle Earrings

dc comics cut out superman dangle earring

Mixing pretty and geek chic, these earrings are stylish cuts outs that dangle just below jewels on stainless steel links. Something unique but classy for work, or a fun date. You can shine your love of the man in the red cape in these dangle earrings! Fun earrings for any place you need to fly to.

7. DC Comics Red/Yellow Superman or Red/Black Logo with Gem Dangle Navel

dc comics red black superman logo with gem dangle navel

Make your navel stand out with Superman. A brilliant blue gem draws a look in and just below the classic logo in red/yellow or red/black. Set on sturdy stainless steel, your navel can show the world what a Metropolis Marvel you are.

6. DC Comics Superman Lapel Pin Set (4pcs)

dc comics superman lapel pin set (4pcs)

Don’t let your coat be too “Clark”. Add a lapel pin to show your love of the Man of Steel. Four pieces should do the trick. Superman flying to the rescue pin, ready to reverse time or outrun a speeding bullet for the greater good. The iconic cape pin, which looks ready to flap off your lapel. Can’t go wrong by adding the classic red and yellow logo, to match those great earrings! Best of all? You can wear what Kal-El can’t, a kryptonite pin! Shiny, green crystals growing out and looking like they could threaten any Kryptonian.

5. DC Comics Justice League Core Stud Earrings Set (5 pcs)

dc comics justice league core stud earrings set (5 pcs)

If you are like me, you get excitable to choice, and what’s better than having a set of 5 different studs to stun your fellow friends, co-workers, and family with? The set includes the symbols of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman, Harley Quinn & of course Superman. Something to wear every workday or for fun. Set on sturdy stainless steel with some pairs gold plated. Make your day something super by wearing your DC comic icons proudly!

4. DC Comics Superman Red Ring

dc comics superman red ring

The Girls can’t have all the fun! A gorgeous, solid stainless steel ring that with an air of command, with that epic symbol of hope, brought together in red and silver colors. It is sharp, shiny, angular, and a classic look ready to catch an eye wherever you go.

3. DC Comics Superman Blue Mirror or Black and Black & Red Pendant Necklace

dc comics superman black & red pendant necklace

It’s impossible to choose between the two, it’s a tie, and all about your color preference or outfit. The brilliant silver and blue shining out as a beacon for all those who love “Big Blue”. Or the dark, rich, and maybe even mysterious look of the red and black on metal.

2. DC Comics Superman Black Pendant Necklace

dc comics superman black pendant necklace

It looks like you’d need the Man of Steel to lift it, a black plated stainless steel, angular cut out logo on a sturdy stainless steel chain necklace. Make your presence known with this sleek piece that deftly fits in any crowd you might be “Clark’n” your way through.

1. DC Comics Superman Legion of Superheroes Flight Ring

dc comics superman legion of super heroes flight ring

Make a statement with this gold plated stainless steel ring. At a dinner date, or in a presentation, at a wedding, this ring, no matter the occasion, stands out and invites conversation from both the nerds and those who do not know what a Green Lantern is. The ring in the comics gives the wearer the ability to fly not only in atmospheric environments but outer space as well. The cool factor of this ring, with the L, standing for the Legion, the gold with the inlay of stark black at its center.


Superman is the hero that embodies the dream of hope, starting out being from somewhere far away in the universe and landing on Earth, growing up in Smallville in America. He fights crime and evil. He stands for “truth and justice”. Created in the world of 1938, at the beginning of another World War, we all needed hope. He still stands for that hope. Wearing Superman’s symbols shows what you stand for and what you care about with pride. These are ten items you can wear anywhere, do anything in, be it a date, a workday, or maybe even saving the world?

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