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Total Rickall: 10+ Rick and Morty Merchandise as Seen on TV

Many people are still in love with Rick and Morty, six years after its first season, and we can understand why. The show has been giving us a good laugh since 2013. Plus, there is something about the sitcom's crass and highly intellectual humor that is surprisingly entertaining.

We know an avid Rick and Morty fan will not settle for just waiting for the sitcom's next season. A true fan also collects merchandise items!

Without further ado, here are the top Rick and Morty Merchandise items from the show's best episodes. Go ahead and make a "Total Rickall" of the sitcom's most unforgettable scenes.

1.Rick and Morty Portal Gun Necklace

The portal gun is one of the most important gadgets Rick Sanchez has ever invented. It allows the main characters to travel through different dimensions, universes, and realities. We have seen how the Galactic Federation was desperate to have it only to fail because Rick always outsmarts them

Portal gun

Portal gun merchandise items can be bulky, but it does not mean you can't carry them around. With this Rick and Morty Portal Gun Necklace, you can now bring your favorite Rick and Morty merchandise anywhere.

2. Pickle Rick Socks

Remember the episode where Rick made himself a pickle to avoid a family therapy session? That is one hilarious episode of Season 3.

The Pickle Rick episode is indeed unforgettable that a lot of Pickle Rick Merch items are up for grabs in the market.


Source: RageOn

One of our favorites is this Pickle Rick socks.

3. Rick and Morty Action Figure

A real fan ought to own one or two Rick and Morty dolls, and  Funko Pop! Vinyl figures are the real scene-stealer for this type of Rick and Morty merchandise items.


Source: Amazon

Unlike regular action figures, your Rick and Morty Funko Pop! Dolls come in oversized heads and eyes-making it more charming than the usual action figures.

Figure Doll

Source: ToysRUs

Funko Pop! Figures are prized gems. Collect all your favorite Ricks and Mortys. And don’t forget as well supporting characters, including Scary Terry, Mr. Meeseeks, Jerry, Beth, Summer, and others to complete your Funko Pop! collection.

4. Get Schwifty Rick and Morty Shirt

Maybe, you're not representing Earth in an intergalactic talent show like Rick and Morty, but who cares? Get Schwifty anyway!


Source: Robinplacefabrics

Getting Schwifty means loosing up a bit.  In other words, partying harder.


Source: Mamyshirts

If loosening up yourself is a challenge, this "I want you to get Schwifty" Rick and Morty t-shirt is an excellent way to start.

5. Meeseeks Existence is Pain Pin

Remember Mr. Meeseeks—the blue humanoid thing that comes out of Rick's Meeseeks box to fulfill a particular purpose? Well, it's hard to forget this supporting character! Not when it struggled to exist after getting frustrated over Jerry's golf skills.


The life of a Mr. Meeseeks might be short, but the life of this Mr. Meeseeks "existence is pain" merch is not. This pin, for instance, is designed to accompany its wearer for a long time. Existence is no biggie for this cute Rick and Morty merchandise.

6. Rick and Morty stickers and decals


Source: Amazon

There are too many memorable scenes, antics, and quotes in Rick and Morty. If you're one of those fans who can't get enough of them, decals and stickers are the Rick and Morty merchandise for you.


Source: bonanza

7. Mortys Plumbus Mug

Every Rick and Morty fan knows what a plumbus is. Or maybe, not? But, we do know that a Rick and Morty's Plumbus is great for kitchens. It's surprisingly multi versatile that it works in any room. And the best thing about it? Plumbus provides you "a lifetime of better living and happiness." Isn't that sweet?


Source: thisiswhyimboke

We all need a plumbus in our lives. But, since it's impossible to find a "dinglebob" and "fleeb" to create our own plumbus, perhaps this Rick and Merchandise mug will probably do for now.

8. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Cap

"Wubba lubba dub dub" is probably Rick Sanchez’s most famous expression.

During the Ricksy Business episode, Birdperson revealed that “wubba lubba dub dub" actually means "I am in great pain. Please help me" in his language.


Source: now.estarland

The expression can be a downer, but this "Wubba lubba dub dub" cap is here to cheer us up.

9. Peace among Worlds Phone Case

Phone case

Source: casesummer

Make peace, not war. Show your love for all of the universes with a "Peace among worlds" phone case. This Rick and Morty merchandise item is an excellent way of displaying your support for your favorite sitcom.

10. Rick and Morty Monopoly Set

How do you like owning properties in Planet Squanch, Cromulon Dimension, and Gazorpazorp? A Rick and Morty monopoly board game can make it happen.


Source: Walmart

The boardgame is patterned after the sitcom, so expect to see custom flooble cranks and gooble boxes instead of the regular houses and hotel monopoly items. And you're not going to see traditional monopoly bills here, either.  The game only accepts Flurbo, the same currency that appeared in the show.

11. Szechuan Sauce Shot Glass

If you're a Rick and Morty fanatic, you have probably flocked to the nearest McDonald's store to order a Szechuan sauce after watching The Rickshank Rickdemption episode.

Shot glass

Source: Amazon

If you were able to get hold of the Szechuan sauce, lucky you! However, if you're one of those fans who lined up and waited hours for nothing, drink up and just imagine your alcohol as the best sauce in the universe with this Rick and Morty merchandise.


Rick and Morty deserve the top spot for being the most iconic and weirdest grandpa-and-grandson duo in the history of sitcoms.


The show is considered one of the best American sitcoms of all time. That's why it's not surprising that fans are willing to buy top Rick and Morty merchandise to support their fave characters.

Collection item

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