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Top Mandalorian Gifts for Star Wars Enthusiasts

Rejoice Star Wars Fans! The Mandalorian returns to our screens on October 30th, 2020! Get ready to watch more adventures with Mando, The Child, and new characters coming from the Star Wars universe and on to the live action screen!

Now is the time to show the world love for the show via some fantastic accessories and jewelry! We might not be able to go to Conventions right now, but we CAN wear a bit of it in our everyday life! From the super cute Child to the forbidding symbol of the ancient group of warriors there is a design to be worn for everyone!

Make the world turn their head like a Mandalorian in new beskar armor! Here are our top picks for the best gifts for a Mandalorian Fan!



The outline is a symbol of the ancient warriors of Mandalore, fierce warriors known throughout the galaxy. The symbol many Mandalorians wear is of the outline of the skull of the ancient Mythosaur, a giant dragon like creature that Mandalore the First fought and killed. They were driven to extinction to pave the way for Mandalorian culture to take root. Their skulls became the symbol of the Mand'alor, the ruler of all the clans.

  • The Star Wars Mandalorian Cut Out 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace on 24 inches of quality silver. It is the standout gift for those wanting to show that they follow “the way”. 

    mandalorian sterling silver pendant necklace
  • The Star Wars Mandalorian "This is the Way" Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace, gold colored design on stainless steel showcasing the Armorer’s helmet and the words “this is the way” on a disk.

    mandalorian stainless steel pendant necklace
  • The Star Wars Mandalorian Symbol Stainless Steel Pendant outline in stainless steel offers a darker, battle hardened look.

    mandalorian symbol stainless steel pendant
  • The Star Wars Mandalorian Pendant with a detailed Mythosaur skull design including cracks, and etching.

    mandalorian mythosaur skull pendant
  • The Star Wars Mandalorian Symbol Stainless Steel Pendant in Leather Cord Necklace, silver colored pendant on black leather cord.

    mandalorian symbol stainless steel pendant in leather cord necklace
  • The Star Wars Mandalorian Symbol Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant Necklace, silver backdrop and red outline symbol.

    mandalorian symbol stainless steel dog tag pendant necklace
  • The Star Wars Mandalorian Symbol Antique Finished Pendant Necklace with a worn look on stainless steel.

    mandalorian symbol antique finished pendant necklace

The Child

The mysterious child, called by the masses as Baby Yoda, has no name yet. We only know that it is 50 years old and would be very alone in a cold universe without his guardian, the Mandalorian. Show your loyalty to the cute side of the force with these pendants.

  • The Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Gold Plated Pendant Necklace, rose gold space baby carriage holding a smiling Child, ears out proudly over his 3 bucket head stickers.

    mandalorian the child gold plated pendant necklace
  • The Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Carriage Pendant Necklace, colorfully painted.

    mandalorian the child carriage pendant necklace
  • The Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Stainless Steel & Pendant Necklace Set. The Child standing in the big coat with a smile pendant and the Child in a carriage earing set!

    mandalorian the child stainless steel & pendant necklace set


Going out on a night, or a meeting and being able to show off your love of The Mandalorian? Priceless moments and attainable, these great gifts will be the envy of every fan who, stopping to ask them, where did you get these beautiful items?

  • The Star Wars The Mandalorian symbol hook dangle earrings are made with 925 sterling silver. The outline of the warriors will make every Star Wars loving gal the center of attention at any event.
    mandalorian symbol hook dangle earrings
  • The Star Wars The Mandalorian 3 piece stud set gives you choice for every occasion. Pick from The Child, Mando, or the Mandalorian symbol turn heads on your night of fun or liven up a day at work.
    mandalorian 3 piece stud earrings
  • The Star Wars The Mandalorian symbol link bracelet for men is sure to make your wrist stand out as you open a door or even just typing away. Made of sturdy stainless steel and fitted links, with the symbol of the Mandalorian’s in red.
    mandalorian symbol link bracelet
  • The curb chain Mandalorian symbol id curb chain bracelet is a comfortable gift with how it wraps around the wrist. The clasp is solid with a folding lock mechanism.
    mandalorian symbol id curb chain bracelet
  • A lithe and strong link bracelet is also available for women. With the Mandalorian symbol repeating as the chain wraps around your wrist complete your look with this beautiful bracelet.
    mandalorian symbol bracelet
  • For those who like leather, the Mandalorian symbol on a plate bracelet on brown leather makes for a rugged gift.
    mandalorian symbol on a plate bracelet
  • If you know a Star Wars fan who likes gold, the Mandalorian symbol ring is the gift for them.
    mandalorian symbol ring
  • The petite cut out Mandalorian symbol ring has the fearsome symbol meet beautiful as a gift that completes the look of a Star Wars lady fan.
    mandalorian petite symbol ring


Star Wars The Mandalorian pins liven up any jacket or shirt. Plus, you can’t just have one, multiple really stand out on your lapel. Make that statement as a fan with these top picks! Gotta collect them all!

  • Snack Time! One of the Child’s best laughs is in “Chapter 4: Sanctuary” on the planet Sorgan, when he is in a village and in front of the village children he attempts to eat a frog like creature, much to their disgust. With the legs sticking out and a wide-eyed expression of confusion, this pin will garner a good laugh from your friends!
    mandalorian snack time pin
  • Another moment that spawned the chocolate milk and chickie nuggies memes is the Child drinking soup.
    mandalorian the child soup bowl lapel pin
  • “This is my good side” is a funny play on words when you consider the Force. A cute head turned Child looks out and up from your lapel.
    mandalorian this is my good side lapel pin
  • “When your song comes on” a popular meme now able to rock your lapel. The source is from the episode “The Child” where the Mandalorian challenges and kills the Mudhorn but not without help from the Child as he uses the force in silent concentration.
    mandalorian when your song comes on
  • The Child lapel pin has him standing up, looking out with a curious expression at the world around him in his oversized brown coat.
    mandalorian the child lapel pin
  • The Mandalorian Key chain is a vivid red outline symbol piece with a solid ring and a sturdy clasp for all your key needs.
    mandalorian symbol key chain

It’s always exciting when something new comes out for us Star Wars fans to enjoy! Nothing has ever come out like the Mandalorian! A character that can’t reveal his face. A tiny cute alien baby. Tough warriors, a new villain carrying an ancient Mandalorian weapon. We are all so very excited to have Star Wars back!

But the fans in your life can’t say “This is the Way” without at least a few gifts showing off allegiance to the Mandalorian and the Child, as they fight against Bounty Hunters and the remnants of the Empire starting this October!

Getting all those fantastic gifts for the Mandalorian Fans in your life are an easy click away at https://jewelrybrands.shop/.

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