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Who doesn't love anime? Originating in Japan and now a staple of almost every young adult’s life; anime, with its firebrand characters and dazzling visuals, has changed the world. Naruto, Goku and Vegeta are household names and rival the most popular superheroes in terms of sheer brand recognition. To say that we are living in the golden age of anime would not be incorrect at all!

 What better way to celebrate the anime revolution unfolding before our eyes than to check out the dozens of pieces that we have from some of the most famous anime franchises. From Naruto to Dragon Ball and from Jujutsu Kaisen to My Hero Academia, there is something for everyone in our dazzling collection. Head on over to our anime section here to get started!


 Often referring to hand-drawn and computer-generated animation originating from Japan, ‘anime’ encompasses original stories as well as adaptations of manga, novels and video games from the land of the rising sun. Characterized by large character proportions and its own dazzling array of cinematographic and narrative choices, anime is often considered to be a genre of its own, even though it contains stories and tales from every standard genre imaginable. 

Since the 1980s however, this visual medium began to be embraced around the world as audiences took kindly to the various visual and narrative quirks found only here. With global acclaim came foreign dubbed and subtitled programming which enabled even more insulated demographics across the globe to get a taste of this art form. The 2010s saw the entertainment landscape completely changed due to the rise of streaming services and anime got a further boost as a result, both within Japan and worldwide. Soon, almost every young adult found himself to be an anime fan and a whole subculture grew up around this genre.

In the beginning, anime had standalone features and series which soon gave way to entire franchises. While some anime franchises have been around for decades (Naruto and Dragon Ball come to mind), the beauty of the genre lies in the fact that each new year brings some epic new series that totally takes the entire fandom by storm. The recent success of Jujutsu Kaisen is one such example and this really speaks to the vitality of the genre as a whole. With a large audience base to cater to, more and more creatives are venturing into the genre, bringing their unique voices to the table. 

While Japan had been producing anime since the 2nd World War, it was Dragon Ball that was the first to have a truly global impact. The adventures of Goku, Bulma and others as they strive to use the magical dragon balls to keep evil forces at bay had a monumental impact. The stratospheric success of Dragon Ball gave way to its several sequels and the series’s widespread appeal gave rise to other famous anime franchises such as Naruto and Bleach. These were equally if not more popular and today, each new anime is awaited as furiously inside Japan as outside it. 

Anime has always had some well known tropes, one that almost all creators have adhered to this day. The main protagonist is always goofy and looking to prove himself while the coolest character is full of style and charisma. These two characters are always frenemies and have a healthy rivalry through which they prove their mettle. Sheer determination and grit is stressed upon and those willing to put in the time usually end up beating those with special skills. There are also strong female characters as well as love interests and the two, sometimes, might be one and the same. 

Tackling issues such as lack of confidence, rivalry and love; anime appeals to young adults everywhere. The genre’s greatest strength has always been relatable characters and despite the explosions, action and violence; what makes the genre popular is how it is able to weave adolescents’ issues into expansive stories that go in unexpected directions. Equally impressive is the genre’s ability to continuously push visual boundaries, resulting in series that have dynamic action sequences that put almost all Western animation to shame. 

Here, on Jewelry Brands, we love everything anime. The sheer volume of stories and creativity in this genre is a sight to behold and equally impressive are the characters who not only remain memorable but also end up teaching us some really cool things. To celebrate the sheer imagination and reach of this genre, we have dozens of pieces from some of the top anime franchises in our collection. Since, this is officially licensed merchandise made with permission and creative input from the brands themselves, these products are signed off by the brands themselves. Each product is made with care and love and fabricated using the latest technology in the industry.

In the Dragon Ball franchise, we have a slew of absolutely fabulous pieces from Dragon Ball Z. This DBZ Goku King Kai Bracelet Set is perfect for best friends while this Magnetic Vegeta Glow in the Dark Lapel Pin has a style of its own. Perhaps the most beautiful is this 4 Star Dragon Ball Ring which captures the spirit of the franchise perfectly. Even more Dragon Ball memorabilia can be found right here

For all of you Naruto fans out there, our Naruto Shippuden collection is quite impressive. Our Naruto Shippuden Headband Collectors Set has been quite popular and nothing screams die hard fan as much as this Chibi Minato Keychain. Perhaps most impressive is this Akatsuki Logo Ring which encompasses the antihero nature of the group perfectly. For even more Naruto pieces, you can always head to our Naruto portal where you can indulge yourself in countless pieces of memorabilia, all made to perfection.


Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia are some of the most popular anime franchises running today and we have quite the collection for both. For Saturo Gojo fans, this Saturo Gojo Black and White keychain is perfect whilst Yuji Itadori stans would do well to immediately get their hands on this one. For those who love My Hero Academia, this UA Logo Dainty Necklace will make the perfect present. 

So head on over to our site right now and get your favorite anime set that you have always wanted!