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Rick and Morty is Back!

Rick and Morty running. Colorful wallpaper.
But Our Rick and Morty Jewelry Never Went Away!

Aw Geez! At long last, Season 6 of Rick and Morty is upon us, but at least this time, the wait wasn’t as long as we’ve sort of gotten used to. If you’ve already seen the critically acclaimed premier, you might have noticed it reminded you of something, but we’ll keep the spoilers at that level of vagueness. We revisited some old references, dug up some old plotlines, answered some questions and asked a lot more! Of course, there were pop culture references and even more pop culture references! There was the typical blend of silly humor and some gut-punching sadness delivered with self-aware writing and surreal sci-fi visuals.

Speaking of visuals, you should take a look at our officially licensed Rick and Morty jewelry! We haven’t created a Mr. Frundles necklace, at least not yet, but we do have an assortment of classic Rick and Morty imagery, such as the ever popular portal gun lapel pin, which you can pair with a matching porthole necklace! You can even choose between Glow-in-the-dark and Spinning varieties! While you’re at it, you can also wear Rick’s distinctive (but somehow less well known) ray gun, here in glorious 3D or this Rick Sanchez Flask necklace, which actually holds an oz of your favorite liquid or gas!

If you want something stylish but less publicly displayed, and if anyone actually pays you and stuff, you can use this money clip to hold your cash! (You can also use it to hold your notes to yourself, your clones, or the versions of you from other realities.) 

Are you the sort of person who wants jewelry that tests to see how big a fan passerby are? Do you want a reference of a single episode? Well, good news everyone* you can get your own “Get Schwifty Bracelet”, a Scary Terry Bracelet, your very own Tinkles The Magical Ballerina Lamb Parasite Lapel Pin, the emotional rollercoaster of this Mr. Meeseeks “Existence is Pain” Lapel Pin, and/or Seal Team Ricks Dog Tag Necklace.

We’ll be tuning into Cartoon Network to follow Rick, Morty, both Beths, Summer, Jerry, and company as they surely will run into old friends and enemies, and make many more new ones. In the meantime, we hope you check out our full selection of Rick and Morty Jewelry


* Sorry, wrong beloved cartoon sci-fi show created by a sitcom writer.

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